How to MAXIMIZE your Massage Therapy benefits!

2 min read February 1, 2017 at 1:43pm on benefits and Massage therapy

A new benefits year has started for most individuals and we at Axis, thought it might be nice to break down your extended health care massage benefits on a yearly appointment basis. Are you someone who waits until the end of the benefits year and then tries to book appointments all at once? Or do you have a family member who does not use their benefits at all? Perhaps you are new to having health care benefits and would like to know how to use them most efficiently.  The following is a breakdown of the most common extended care massage benefit packages.


(yearly massage benefits)

30 minute massage appointment

45 minute massage appointment

60 minute massage appointment


5 massages

(1 every 2.5 months)

4 massages

(1 every 3 months)

3 massages

(1 every 4 months)


(most common)

8 massages

(1 every 6 weeks)

6.5 massages

(1 every 2 months)

5 massages

(1 every 2.5 months)


16 massages

(1 every 3 weeks)

13 massages

(1 every month)

10 massages

(1 every 5 weeks)

Examples uses 30 minute massage $60, 45 minute massage $75, 60 minute massage $95 as average costs for massage therapy services and are only intended to be an example for this purpose.




(yearly massage benefits with 80% coverage)

30 minute massage appointment at $60

45 minute massage appointment at $75

60 minute massage appointment at $95

90 minute massage appointment at $135


$12 co-pay

$15 co-pay

$19 co-pay

$27 co-pay

'Co-pay' refers to value of out-of-pocket cost to the insured member, including HST, and is only used for the purpose of this example.


To optimize this process, AxisRMT offers the following options:


  • direct claim submissions*

  • regularly scheduled appointments

  • email appointment reminders


To book a massage therapy appointment click here


*Available for qualified insurance companies who use Telus Portal for direct claim submission. Payment is required at time of service.