Lessons for a Fitness Resolution for 2015

2 min read January 25, 2017 at 3:48pm


It is "THAT" time of year again but before you GROAN and think back to last years failed attempt at a on!

If you are thinking about a fitness resolution or fitness revolution for 2015 here are a few tips to help. If you want to get started and stay on the path follow these rules:

  1. Choose a goal that motivates you. You really need to "want" to lose 5 pounds, or quit smoking. If you don't want it 100%, you've lost before you have started.

  2. Make a Plan. Keep it Simple.

  3. Start slow. 30 minutes of increased activity 4 days a week is a great start

  4. Consistency is Key. See #2 - Stick to your Plan!

  5. Rest and Recovery: 8 hours of sleep, and proper nutrition will help you stay energized for your next workout.

  6. Follow the 10% rule. Increase your activity by a maximum of 10% per week.

  7. Don't ignore pain. Some types are okay and some are bad. If it is lasting more than 4 hours, take an extra day rest. If your pain does not decrrease with rest then we encourage you to see a qualified health care practititioner such as your friendly neighbourhood Registered Massage Therapist!

  8.  If you fail, don't worry NO ONE is watching. Fall down seven times, get up eight! .

  9. Repeat steps 1-7!



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