New Pricing Schedule Beginning October 1st 2016

2 min read January 31, 2017 at 3:25pm

Original post date September 12 2016.

As we at Axis Registered Massage Therapy come into our third year of business, we remain committed to bringing you a quality massage therapy experience that extends beyond just the massage itself by including assessment, remedial exercise, education and home care.

To bring you the best in therapeutic and sports massage we must continually assess the multiple factors that go into pricing our services. Among the most significant factors are the need to balance our operating costs with suggested pricing as well as local market pricing to ensure that we can provide quality services in a well equipped environment.

Starting in October of 2016, we will be adjusting our prices. Our new pricing schedule will reflect an average increase of 3%. However, you will see that some treatment duration options stay consistent, while others may increase or decrease. The pricing schedule will also include HST for easier calculation. Please feel free to chat with us about any questions you may have. 

New Pricing as October 1st 2016 Including HST:          Previous Fee Schedule including HST:

30 Minutes - $60                                                               30 minutes - $56.50

45 Minutes - $75                                                               45 minutes - $73.45

60 Minutes - $95                                                               60 minutes - $90.40

75 Minutes -$115                                                              75 minutes - $111.87

90 Minutes -$135                                                              90 minutes - $135.60